Measurement of displays or areas of perceived interest



Display or feature monitoring: Measure and Monitor engagement numbers and dwell times

Z-Count monitors and measures interaction of products, displays and records their attraction levels, delivering insights as to number of passing with no interaction, including measuring individual dwell times of each person who pauses or interacts with the display.

Applications & Benefits

Z-Count monitors, multiple points of display interaction, highlighting how attractive the display is currently, whilst delivering clear insights as to when that attraction is fading. The solution provides understanding on the use of promotional displays and there worth.

Tracking the relationship between dwell times and purchases can also be accomplished using zone monitoring technology which provides useful insights for the management

Z-Count also monitors the overall  activity during a specific period. Delivering average, minimum and maximum interaction times. 


  • Patented shape recognition and motion detection technologies, provides a high level of accuracy.
  • Unmatched recording frequency using full video frame rates of 25-30 frames per second.
  • Measures multiple service zones within a single camera view.
  • Allows for remote calibration of all zone and parameter changes, auditing, and report formats
  • Includes AdminCount software utility located on a non-dedicated centralised server enabling remote calibration, zone changes, auditing and reporting hierarchy.
  • Collects stores and communicates the data from each completely unattended.
  • Advanced digital image processing and real time adaptive algorithms adapt to ambient conditions and overcome shadows and reflection

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