Real-Time monitoring of queue length and wait times



Queue Management- Improve Customer Experience

Q-Count is the world's only multi-lane video-based platform for assessing, controlling, and improving queuing challenges. This product collects and delivers a real-time picture of the number of customers, shopping units or carts waiting in each checkout lane and tracks customer waiting times. Q-Count delivers the ability to eliminate the bottlenecks in your business with a simple, seamless and affordable system.

Applications & Benefits

The Q-Count improves customer service and supports streamlined staffing while optimising customer retention through improved customer service. It provides management the controls for evaluating the number of customers waiting for service, minimising or eliminating bottlenecks.

The Q-Count provides real-time feedback to predictive scheduling systems and the historic data required to optimise existing workflow management platforms. Additionally, it provides real-time alerts when customer wait times exceed pre-defined policies.


  • Stand alone, easy to install and maintain.
  • Collects stores and communicates the data from monitoring devices completely unattended.
  • Patented algorithms allow calculation of different standing and waiting times for customers in one or multiple lines.
  • Counts total number of people waiting in each line, average, minimum, and maximum wait times for each line(s)
  • Accuracy is unmatched, regardless of the density or type of queue
  • Alerts when customer wait times exceed a pre-defined timeframe.
  • Each Q-Count has unlimited detection zones to accommodate each service area / checkout lanes unique needs.
  • Incorporates automatic adjustment to compensate for environmental and physical changes such as promotional stands and store fixture changes.
  • Accurate queueing predictability and scheduling.
  • Minimise overstaffing while maintaining predefined customer service policy.
  • Critical input and real-time feedback for Predictive Scheduling Software.

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