Understand the customer loyalty to store and brand

Location Analytics

Location Analytics

Enhanced Visitor Journey Analytics

The NetCount provides a cost effective platform to collect much of the In-Store analytics required to understand customer flow, in-store display and queuing metrics. With the addition of Wi-Fi tracking data, greater clarity and insights of the customers In-Store experience can be gained giving a clearer understanding of venue or brand loyalty.

Mobile Device Tracking

Wi-Fi tracking brings additional enhanced data sets that add value to the business intelligence collective.

Additional Business Intelligence data sets

  • Capture Rate: Share of detected passing customers that enters the store.
  • Retention: Measures how often customers are detected passing by or inside the venue.
  • Dwell Time: Time the customers spend in the venue or in a specific area.
  • Engagement: Share of customers who stay long enough to buy something.
  • Area/Department Capture Rates: Share of store customers that visit the area in question.
  • Cross Traffic Matrix: Customer visit correlation between different departments /shops.
  • Customer Routes: Customer movements between measurement points / departments.

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