Accurate visitor counting in all densities of traffic



Accurate & Reliable People Counting

The I-Count is the industry’s most accurate People Counting Solution, with greater than 95% consistency of accuracy in all flows of traffic.

Applications & Benefits

I-Count delivers a multi-zone, bi-directional pedestrian traffic counting by combining shape recognition (SRT) and motion detection.
The I-Counts embedded  algorithm provides accurate and reliable real-time data which becomes a powerful and effective tool for determining conversion rates, marketing effectiveness and workforce optimization. The data identifies peak sales opportunities, providing additional KPIs and metrics.


  • Stand alone easy to install and maintain.
  • Asingle I-Count will monitor up to 5 different counting zones.
  • The I-Count can monitor almost a three to one width to height ratio, making it the most cost effective solution for wide entrances.
  • Consistent greater than 95% accuracy under all traffic densities.
  • Adaptive algorithms adapt to ambient conditions and overcome shadows and reflection.
  • Includes administration software utilities located on a non-dedicated centralised server enabling remote calibration, zone changes, auditing and reporting hierarchy changes.
  • Data from the I-Count is exported directly through the clients network to legacy applications, viewed via Analyzer report generator or analysed through our suite of Business critical reporting solution (CW+).

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