Real-Time & historic measurement of service levels



Desk Management: Measure and Monitor Counter Customer Service

D-Count monitors and measures the face-to-face interaction between a customer and the service desk staff member (cashier or teller) that is servicing them.

Applications & Benefits

D-Count monitors in real-time the number of service units received and their service time. Measured in service units (defined as 1 service unit = 1 customer transaction), the solution counts the number of people standing in front of a service desk, providing total, maximum and average service times. This allows management to react in real-time to open additional stations to accommodate demand.

D-Count also monitors the overall desk activity during a specific period. Therefore, management knows the total time desk staff were active in a given period. This helps management optimise resource allocation.


  • Patented shape recognition and motion detection technologies, provides a high level of accuracy.
  • Unmatched recording frequency using full video frame rates of 25-30 frames per second.
  • Measures multiple service zones, limited only by field of view.
  • Masking of defind areas for security purposes, such as card machines.
  • Allows for remote calibration of zones and parameter changes, auditing, and report formats
  • Includes AdminCount software utility located on a non-dedicated centralised server enabling remote calibration, zone changes, auditing and reporting hierarchy.
  • Collects, stores, and communicates the data from each completely unattended.
  • Advanced digital image processing and real time adaptive algorithms adapt to ambient conditions and overcome shadows and reflection.

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