Making the information available where it can be used

Systems Administration

Systems Administration

Calculated Analytics Delivered

CountWise’s technology provides data and the analysis tools that are crucial to the operations and growth of any business. Understanding customer traffic data, precise customer-to-sales conversion ratios, reliable queue management, advertising and marketing return-on-investments, and many other KPIs, are all central to the successful management of a business.

Our experience has shown that historically many collectors of these types of information are not always the best at disseminating these data sets to where the business can most benefit. By understanding the data flow and impacts of these data sets, and making it available to areas of the business where the most benefit can be achieved, CountWise has proved its worth time and time again.

Vast Analytics Experience

The CountWise’s Analytics team assist our clients in integrating CountWise traffic management data into their everyday operations and processes. The experienced team matches best practices to individual customer needs and industry exspectations to ensure a successful deployment and utilisation of the data. these include how to roll out the data, who to share it with, which KPI’s are most important, how to implement them, should they be incentives for staff, for how to best share the data and empower venue management.