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Traffic Surveys

Traffic Surveys

CountWise can provide short-term to permanent installations of visitor counting for both public and private entities, ranging from local government requiring on street pedestrian counting for understanding the night community, to well-known fast food outlets wanting to understand the 24hr economy.

Most short term surveys, are carried out using expensive outsourced professionals, counting for a small number of hours in a day over a number of days. The concern that is raised is many government bodies, fast food and retailers make large investments based on flawed sample count data. Add to this the influence of weather, school holidays & TV events and the underlying numbers are inaccurate at best.

CountWise install fixed camera based sensors over a period as short as a week to permanent that collect count data 24hrs a day, and deliver it into 15 minute count segments, allowing our clients to understand the full 24hour day flow of pedestrian traffic in the monitored location.

The Count Information is viewed via an online reporting solution on any browser enabled device.

Local Government

The decline of the high street is a scary headline for any retailer or local authority, however this is not the case in many locations: the high street evolves over time, the once busy top end declines whilst the lower end has a resurgence, possibly for the evening and night time economy. By periodically measuring the way the areas is used and changes over time, future planning can be better matched for the needs of the community.

Street Markets

Market day is still a large part of the high street, often seeing an uplift of visitor traffic of over 200%. However they are often underfunded and without being able to understand their impact on surrounding retail stores are often underfunded. This then has an impact on the high street as a whole. Collecting hard evidence of the influence the Markets have is a clear way to understand potential future investment requirement.

Fast Food Outlets

Food outlets are no longer small one man operations taking up secondary locations on the peripherals of a town, they are intrinsic to the growth of the day and night time economy. Getting the right location to extend the profitable trading day is imperative. In order to understand both the day and night time economy CountWise capture the traffic through a full 24hr 7 day.

Shopping Centres

Many shopping centres already count at the entrances, however many do not monitor specific locations within the building. Understanding what the future retailer can expect as passing customer traffic in as important as negotiating a lease.