Taking the worry out of data collection and management

Data Monitoring

Data Monitoring

Outsourced data management & Monitoring

CountWise provide options for outsourced data management by collecting traffic data and client data from all of our clients locations and reporting the information in the required formats as a service without burdening the clients resources.

Easy Data Management

All data collected is owned by the client, CountWise do not use the these data sets to produce indexes or industry reports, we feel very strongly that all data's collected remain the property of the client in which it was generated.

Data can be managed and maintained on the client’s network utilising CountWise’s proprietary software. As the CountWise technology provides the highest audited accuracy and consistency available from any traffic counting technology, the data from the units can be stored and maintained in its raw form on the customer’s network. Unlike some providers, there is no need to “process” or “patch” the data prior to the customer receiving the data reports.

Provision of end to end monitoring

This proactive service is managed by the experienced CountWise helpdesk engineers who continuously monitor the status of all field units and ensure quick and proficient diagnosis of any issues and implement corrective actions typically without involvement of the client. As a result, the service guarantees minimised impact on store or IT customer-service personnel. The Monitoring Service also includes free remote changes to counting zones in all locations, as well as annual audit reports.