Informed decision making at your fingertips


business intelligence

Executive level reporting delivers immediate insights on

Performance across all levels within the business portfolio, highlighting areas that require attention.

CW+ enables enhanced drill down to understand what factors are contributing to location results, including; visitor count, weather, staffing, sales conversion, basket size or simply performance against target.


Can better identify trends and monitor the effectiveness of each advertising or marketing initiative, determine which locations are benefiting most from advertising and which stores will require additional support. CW+ gives greater clarity on which campaigns give better value to the business, and put a value to each additional customer gained.

Store and Operational demands

Understand location performance and determine which areas or stores require attention and which areas to better focus resources; these include sales training, staff scheduling & local store marketing. In addition Staff can be better focused and monitored in areas such as improvement on sales conversion ratios, customer service and average transaction value (basket size).

Business Benefits

The solution provides specific actionable information delivered to the areas of the business that can make immediate use, at agreed times of day or in near real time.

Provides portfolio drill down to better understand the cause and effect of any changes being made within the business.

CW+ allows all levels of the business to make better informed decisions and track there success's.

CW+ data can be easily exported directly into a clients BI tool or printed off in a number of customer defined formats including PDF, CSV, XML etc.

Performance metrics

graph 1

CW+ delivers an instant understanding of the how a business is performing: CW+ allows key metrics to be accessed quickly and without the need to chase down paper from multiple sources. The CW+ business intelligence tools allow drill down from portfolio level through to a single location and a single 15 minute time period. In addition comparative data sets can be accessed in areas such as date range, region or user defined groupings. The data generated can be exported via a CSV, PDF or a user defined field.