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Who we are

CountWise is the go-to trusted technology and Business Intelligence Company, providing people-traffic based solutions to both private and public entities. Our Global headquarters is in Florida, USA with regional offices in United Kingdom, Mainland Europe, Canada, China, UAE and Australia.

CountWise’s innovative technology solutions and applications help improve operational efficiency, customer service levels, and business profitability. Whether capturing traffic flows, preventing queue bottlenecks, monitoring zone, customer service activity, or managing data applications.

CountWise solutions and services address the full range of traffic monitoring challenges with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Partnering with CountWise, businesses are able to improve their operations, increase conversion ratios, optimise staffing, improve customer service, and objectively measure marketing strategy effectiveness.

Our clients include many prestigious industry leaders within the retail, transportation, and banking world.

As a worldwide leader with over 100,000 installations, CountWise has a wide range of solutions which are helping more than 600 business groups worldwide improve their understanding of customer traffic and on-site visitor behaviours


CountWise offers superior support services to our customers and partners, ensuring maximum benefits from solutions.

At CountWise all our warranties include all remote support, parts, repair or replacement, and software updates. Additionally, solution are provided with back-office Admin software that resides on the customer's network, to administer key parameters such as store hours, data export format, user passwords, etc.

Our technical support service provides rapid and efficient problem resolution. Our team also offers expert assistance to both you and your clients, in any and all aspects of our solutions.

CountWise's Technical Support resources are available 24 hours a day/seven days a week through our online support centre.